Sunday, April 22, 2012

true love

I have a wonderful family. I have two wonderful parents, many aunts and uncles, and LOTS of cousins. Even though I do not have siblings, nieces or nephews, I am blessed beyond measure with my "sister-cousins." Christy and Desi's children have also blessed me each time they call me "Aunt Tressie" or show their excitement when I show up. 

This weekend, family love was shown to me once again. My mom came into town on Friday evening and my sister-cousins and their families came in Saturday morning for Run for Change 5k. This was a fundraiser for my upcoming mission trip and they were all excited, even the kids couldn't wait to run a "race". I posted about the 5k on my facebook and they were all willing to give up their time to sign up and drive to College Station all on a Saturday morning. 

It means more to me then they will ever know!!!! Here are some pictures from the 5k:

(There was a 1 mile fun run, Jacob got 2nd place for boys and Ella and Emily got 1st and 2nd place for girls-- told you they were excited!!!)

(photo's taken from rachel driskell)

Kids Cheering on my momma, Desi, and Christy
 Part of Team Jinja
 Ella coming in 1st!!!!

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