Sunday, April 22, 2012

true love

I have a wonderful family. I have two wonderful parents, many aunts and uncles, and LOTS of cousins. Even though I do not have siblings, nieces or nephews, I am blessed beyond measure with my "sister-cousins." Christy and Desi's children have also blessed me each time they call me "Aunt Tressie" or show their excitement when I show up. 

This weekend, family love was shown to me once again. My mom came into town on Friday evening and my sister-cousins and their families came in Saturday morning for Run for Change 5k. This was a fundraiser for my upcoming mission trip and they were all excited, even the kids couldn't wait to run a "race". I posted about the 5k on my facebook and they were all willing to give up their time to sign up and drive to College Station all on a Saturday morning. 

It means more to me then they will ever know!!!! Here are some pictures from the 5k:

(There was a 1 mile fun run, Jacob got 2nd place for boys and Ella and Emily got 1st and 2nd place for girls-- told you they were excited!!!)

(photo's taken from rachel driskell)

Kids Cheering on my momma, Desi, and Christy
 Part of Team Jinja
 Ella coming in 1st!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

a heart in preparation...

Lots of things...

So, I've been praying almost continuously for my heart to be prepared for Uganda and the people there. I recently read a book titled Kisses from Katie, talk about an amazing way to see what I might come in contact with in just a few short months. It puts life in a third world country into prospective and how much I for one have and take for granted. I'm praying that I will continue to be prepared and that I am willing to do whatever I am asked. 

On another note, I just saw The Hunger Games- it was amazing! I LOVED it, almost as much as I liked the book. Is it strange that I liked something so... sad? You should read the book and see the movie if you haven't. 

This weekend was also Miriam's wedding shower. We've been friends for 15 years! Oh my goodness! Her shower was beautiful and wonderful. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

my goal

I had my first Uganda Mission training last Tuesday!! 
It was exciting to meet everyone. I had been eerily calm about not knowing anyone going on this mission trip. Like I've said earlier- this is completely NOT like me. I need to be surrounded by people I know to feel comfortable. So, obviously, this is a total God thing. Well 2 new spots opened up and now... my friend Abby is going with! I've known Abby since my freshman year at A&M. I am so thankful she is going on this journey. 
We talked about a few more details... one being that we will be staying in Jinja, Uganda and working at a near by village. We will mostly be playing with kids and working in the clinic to serve the Lord. Our travel company is letting us take three 50 pound bags with us. One is for us and the other 2 will be for supplies for kids and the clinic. Super exciting!!!!

My goal: I am at about $3,420... WOAH! This is so crazy! I sent out about 59 letters to friends and family. This is hearing back from about 22 people. God is so good! 

Megan's Shower

Today, a few girls threw a shower for my student teacher Megan. We had a great time. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day. 

The Bride to Be
 A pretty gift. 
 A silly kitty.
 Fun with the game, "he said/she said."
 Me and Meggie
 The bride with the hostesses. 

I think she had a great time. We had a luncheon/craft shower. Wendy made an amazing lunch of salads and sandwiches. After we ate, we opened presents, played a few games, and then everyone created a page for a scrapbook. Even the "not so crafty" girls got into it and made some great sheets that Meg can later decorate with pictures. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

typical night at 4302

I took some pictures the other day of some typical things that happen at our house in the evening. 

So, my roommate Summer HATES to grade. HATES it. So, she just lets her papers stack up and then works really hard grading papers real quick. She's funny. 

Julee is our newby. I like her and so does Lola. While Summer grades, Julee and I watch TV/play on our phones. 

Faith like a child

I wrote my mission letter recently and sent it out to close friends and family. One thing I added to my letter  was an idea I got from attending my cousin's church. I sent each person 2 bandaids. These aren't just any band-aids... these band-aids are special because they have been prayed over by many different people. I prayed over them before I sent them out and then asked for everyone to pray over them as well and send just one back to me. I will take the prayed over band-aids with me to Uganda to use at the clinic. I thought this was so special when I went to church with Desi, Shane and the girls a few weekends back. (Their children's minister had each child take two band-aids, they said a prayer together and then the kiddos gave one back to send with some missionaries that belong to their church.) A few days after my letter went out, Desi told me that her oldest daughter E had decided to be a missionary when she grew up. E and Desi continued to have a conversation about how she wanted to be a missionary to deliver band-aids to people. Desi informed her that being a missionary isn't just about delivering band-aids to people, but about delivering the Good News of Jesus to people. If you know E, even just a bit, you know that she was even more hooked. This child has the biggest faith of almost anyone I know... I know that might sound crazy, but she truly gets Jesus' sacrifice and truly gets His Love. She is FOUR and she has more faith than some grown people I know... at times, she has more faith than I even do. I pray that one day she can go out into the world and share Jesus' name with people all over the world. I also pray that I will have faith like this child and will continue to trust in Him. I can't wait to deliver band-aids for her and most importantly, for Him!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a little room update

I needed some color in my life. So I added a few touches a few days ago. 

I also got this little guy because he smells like lavender and you can heat him up in the microwave.